1. Hercules more like “The Jerk-ules”

  2. No skin

  3. Invader doodle

  4. "Seek, and you shall find"

  5. Hubba hubba

  6. Dapper Doodles

  7. Cubey Selfie

  8. Cubey or QB

  9. Indiana Joker, Raiders of the Lost Arkham

  10. Brush pen practice

  11. #FlashbackFriday Spidey from my #PureFiction Show last year

  12. Wallet I designed for Boreal in 2010 #ThrowbackThursday

  13. Shreddy Krueger

  14. Shreddward Scissorhands

  15. Just added 13 originals to my shop http://brucey.bigcartel.com ┬áThere’s also some cool pieces by Super Ugly and JoeMur